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Links related to Ealing Quaker Meeting

Here we have a collection of some links that we hope you may find interesting. They all have something to do with Ealing Quaker Meeting or Quakerism, and they will open in a new window.

Please do contact us if you would like to suggest a site to add to the list.

New to Quakers?

Quaker Quest - Open and relaxed events for anyone hoping to learn more about Quakers

YouTube - On video, Friends at Watford Quaker Meeting talk about Quakerism

“Religious Society of Friends’ - Wikipedia article about Quakerism

BBC Religion and Ethics - Quakerism - Information about Quakerism from the BBC

Advices & queries - A ‘challenge and inspiration to Friends’

More information about Quakerism

Quakers in Britain - The main site about Quakers in Britain - comprehensive

Quakers in the World - New database - information on what Quakers have done and are doing in the world

h2g2 - Quakers in Britain - BBC’s Encyclopaedia article about the Society of Friends

About Quakers - Manchester and Warrington Quakers’ information about Quakerism

Quaker history’ - Wikipedia article about the history of Quakers and Quakerism

“Peace of the Action’ - A Guardian article from 2002 about Quakerism, on its anniversary

Other Quaker sites

The Friend - Independent weekly Quaker journalism

Woodbrooke - Britain’s Quaker Study Centre

Quaker faith & practice - A complete online version of the core publication for Quakers in Britain. Comprises anthology of writings & describes structures of Britain Yearly Meeting

Living Witness Project - Responding to climate change and other sustainability challenges

The Quaker Tapestry Exhibition - Details of the Quaker Tapestry

Turning The Tide - Programme promoting the use of ‘Active Non-violence’

Quakerism online

Online Meeting for Worship - A chance to experience Quaker worship online

QuakerQuaker - A ‘collaboratively edited listing of blog and news stories about Friends’

Young Quakers

yqspace - (Very useful and interesting) website for and about young Quakers in Britain

Young Friends General Meeting - The national organisation for Quakers aged up to 30ish

Leaveners - Site for the popular Quaker Performing Arts Organisation

Friends Southern Summer Events - Site of Junior Gathering & Senior Conference; events for Friends aged 11 - 18

Local links

London Quakers - For Quakers in and around London, or people interested in Quakerism

Find a Quaker Meeting - Find the British Quaker Meeting nearest to you

“At Home With The Quakers’ - A 2004 article about the meeting house’s 50th anniversary

Ealing Fairtrade - Details about Fairtrade support in Ealing - now a Fairtrade borough

Ealing Transition - Practical community action on peak oil and climate change

Ealing Food Bank - Emergency food for local people in crisis

Ealing Equality Council - Promotes equality and social justice

Quaker directories

Quaker.org - Probably the most thorough list of Quaker-related websites

Other Quaker sites - BYM‘s list, including some committees and schools


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